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About us

Quadrithm is a website and app development agency currently based in the UK and consists of four core members. We are a young, creative and dynamic team with expertise and knowledge in various fields in web and app technology. Our goal is to help craft our client’s imaginations and ideas into effective products, helping them to gain an online presence and stand out among their competitors.

Quadrithm has taken a special interest in small businesses and startups, therefore we provide a free initial consultation to help small businesses get started and start trading.

Experience across different fields

Our team isn’t a one trick pony, we have experience in different technologies and specialties. Quadrithm has worked on multiple projects with businesses from various domains and has been able to adapt according to their technological needs. We have members who are knowledgeable in Data development and are skilled in SQL, while others have vast expertise in web and app development as well as design.

Bringing all these skills, knowledge and experiences together allows us to produce the best product for our clients.

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