Our Team

Meet The Team

We all met during our time at university while studying Computer Science (we survived) and became good friends. Our mission back then was to use the skills we were learning in our lectures and put them to practice in the real world by helping small businesses. That hasn't changed much, our mission now is to help entrepreneurs and businesses to turn their itching ideas into reality. And to provide our clients with bespoke services that will enable them to stand out from the competition and grow a successful business. It is as simple as that.

Wale Adeyinka
I Build Things

Wale is a full stack developer who enjoys building exquisitely crafted websites and has a good eye for design. He is also the innovative thinker in the team who brings new ideas for the agency and always looks to improve on the products and services produced by the team. If he is not coding, he is probably reading a book or building something.

Currently Reading: Principles by Ray Dalio

Brandon Airihenbuwa
Co-Founder & Designer/Developer

Brandon is the arts and craft guy of the team. He produces the designs behind all the projects and is involved in the communication between the client and the team to ensure that the product is aligned with the clients' needs. When he is not designing, Brandon enjoys dancing or creating Youtube videos.

Emmanuel Asante
Co-Founder & Back-end Developer

Emmanuel is a back-end and mobile developer who is involved with the mobile development projects and back-end activities. He ensures that the applications we produce are robust and well tested. When he is not building mobile apps, he is usually at the gym or playing tennis.

Jacques Uwamungu
Co-Founder & Full Stack/Mobile Developer

Jacques is a full stack and mobile developer, he likes building web applications and mobile apps. In the team, Jacques manages the mobile development and web application projects. His expertise and creativity in web and mobile development give our projects a unique spark. If he is not tinkering with some code, Jacques is probably away travelling somewhere.